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Untitled 1.1.0

A micro framework to help build PHP web apps

  1. Colum Ferry

    Making web apps has become an integral part of the tech industry, and we all want to find an easier way to start from scratch, every time we have a new project.

    That’s where Untitled comes in. It streamlines the process of setting up a web app by doing a lot of the start up work for you. All you need to do is create your pages and you are good to go! Untitled comes shipped with
    Twig, a powerful template engine designed for PHP. It helps separate view logic from app logic.

    Below we’ll discuss quickly how to use Untitled for your own projects!

    Understanding Untitled Workflow

    Untitled has a slightly different workflow than you may be used to with different PHP frameworks.

    Untitled focuses on the pages in your web app. For every page your web app has you simply create a new Page object to represent it. However, Untitled needs to match the requested URI to your pages. This is where one of the most powerful features of Untitled comes in: Routes.

    Each of your Page objects contains an array of Route objects. When creating a Route object you need to set the URI that the Route will handle. Once you have your Route objects set up you simply add them to your Page object. Untitled takes care of the rest.

    DataProcess objects are used if you need to perform any logic associated with a Route. Say for example you have a login form and you need to validate the form data, you would create a DataProcess to perform this logic. You then link the DataProcess to the Route object.

    Twig comes shipped and integrated into Untitled and is the set method for rendering pages. In your Route object you set the file path to the html file associated with the Route.

    See the full Documentation here: https://columferry.co.uk/Untitled

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